On French Corner ... and nowhere else

Why the "French Corner" ?

After several years in Denmark, firstly in Aarhus, then in Copenhagen, I realized that if pancakes and French galettes were presents, they were very poorly represented. And this simply because the people in charge of manufacture had very little training, and mainly because products used were not of the best quality.

Without good product, it can't be neither good food nor good cooking !

France is famous for its cuisine all over the world. But none of his specialties have any interest if the products used are not the best ones. That's why, when, in 2015, I’ve created the "French Corner", I’ve decided to use only the best products from the best producers, and mostly manufactured in France.
This is the case for the "Billig" (pan on where the crepe is made) which is made in France, the flour used is of the best mills in France & the jam caramel salted butter is made by a little artisan in Brittany, in the West of France.
From these considerations the name of my business was clear: the aim of representing a corner of France, "French Corner" was evident. My goal is fully summarized in this name: to discover the specialties of a corner of West of France, Brittany where "Crêpes" and "galettes" are considered are institutions. Italy has pizza, Spain has paella, Denmark has smørrebrød : Brittany have the "Crêpes" and "galettes"!
In Brittany we distinguish very clearly the "galette" (made from buckwheat flour) that is eaten as a main course accompanied typically by salted ingredients such asham, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. "Crêpes" (made from wheat flour)  are rather considered as a dessert accompanied by sweet ingredients such as chocolate, strawberry, banana or jam of all kinds.


French Corner in Copenhagen.

The adventure has begun in 2015 in Copenhagen. With my food truck, specially designed to make crepes and galettes, I’ve tried to position my truck in strategic places of the city, but the pedestrian zone in the city center is closed to trucks.
The experience was interesting, even if the level of activity was not up to my expectations. I was regularly invited to events organized by Rebel Food, which has given me a good visibility and real notoriety.
However, it remains clear that without access to the inner city, the activity might not really flourish.
Do not worry, the "French Corner" is still in Copenhagen. It has now taken the shape of a bicycle equipped with 2 billigs, that you can find in different events and festivals in the city.

We will announce these events on our Facebook French Corner.

French Corner in Aarhus.

And Aarhus Street Food has arrived! I contacted Thomas, Kasper and Britt who had a project to launch a Street Food in Aarhus, similar to those we know in Copenhagen. The project was very exciting for two reasons: I was searching a way to grow my business on one hand and I used to live in Aarhus for 5 years before living in Copenhagen on the other hand. Join the business to pleasure could only please me and that's the reason I agreed this project immediately and with a great enthusiasm.
Tests have been successful, it only remained to install my food truck in Aarhus: the concept is based on the use of containers, but having my truck, it brings an original touch.
This is why, since August 2016, I am pleased, with my team, to allow all visitors to taste healthy food, made with good products, inexpensive, in a great atmosphere.
The impression of having met all the kitchens of the world in a unique and friendly place!